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 currently i am working with about 90 local Indian pastors, as they seek to evangelize to the lost, teach the Bible, and help the needy. In this particular area of India, the harvest is plentiful but laborers are few. These churches have been planted in a community abundant with Muslims, idol worshipers, and other false religions. It is also an area stricken by intense poverty, scattered with poor communities and no proper roads. The pastors in this region struggle to provide for their families on a regular basis, often making less than a dollar a week on church tithing and offering. It is common for them to forgo meals in order to provide for their families. The pastors walk on foot to and from their churches every week, which are primarily small huts with thatched rooftops made from tree leaves. These churches are almost entirely made up of orphans, widows, the sick, and the poverty stricken. Poverty and suffering is also a large part of these pastors’ personal home lives. As the current government attempts to turn India into an entirely Hindu nation, persecution abounds from both the people and the State. Because the Indian government is canceling all financial aid to Christian students, they are often unable to provide basic education for their children. Both the pastors and their children face hostility and discrimination on a regular basis because of their faith. Their children are living in extreme poverty because of their parents’ low income, which is roughly less than 20 dollars per month. our pastors are working with me by faith.

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